Design in the Digital Environment

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.   Web Development – for most, a confusing task performed only by turbo-nerds and basement-dwellers. However, now, I too must take the sweaty plunge into Web Development, and learn: how to web design. Firstly, my experience prior… I once opened Dreamweaver, and made a little box appear and […]

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Re-branding Sheffield

So, from designing a simple product, to designing a whole city. Things move real fast huh?   This project is aimed at the re-branding of Sheffield, away from the steel industry to a more contemporary view of the city, incorporating it’s newer features. So, using my basic research from The Steel Tree project, I began […]

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Advertising and Promotion

(buy, buy, buy! Sale, sale, sale!) Advertising is a difficult process. More thought goes into adverts than most people would think. However, good adverts come in many forms and for many different reasons – with 4 distinct categories: Surrealism, Abstraction, Sexuality and Comedy.   Surrealism in advertising can be found in adverts like the old […]

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