L6: Major Project

(This is ground control to Major Proj.) In this task, I am required to create a research proposal and development portfolio for my ideas (this includes rough draft sketches and discarded ideas, which my my scatterbrain line of thinking, will undoubtedly take up MOST of the page.)… So let’s begin with that: My initial trio […]

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Creative practice 2017

Political Discourse. The ultimate polarizer of the 21st century. Art has often commented on it in one way or another throughout history for every political leaning and every political criticism. Examples are: While researching these images I had a talk with one of my tutors about my party – The Vox Populi – A centrist […]

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Vivid Project Brief (Live)

It’s time to get serious, which means no more little bracket into bits to these blogs, because now it’s real work! Yes, the time is finally upon me, where the world will bare witness to my impressive graphical skills, and eloquent typographical displays! (haha…) My project was set to me by the Sheffield design company, […]

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Professional Studies

(Be Polite, Be Efficient, Have a Plan to Kill everyone you meet!) Yes sir-e, now it’s time to stop mucking about and get professional. How? Well that’s easy, with the help of my self-titled: ‘Codex Professionalem’: Don’t ever do anything as though you were an amateur, do it as a professional. A professional learns every […]

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D&AD New Blood Awards 2017

(Good hunter, welcome to Yharnam – let the good blood be your guide) Yes, it’s time for D&AD once again, and this time I’ll be tossing my hat in – using The British Army brief as my vessel. According to the brief, they require what most military offices in the world require, a recruitment campaign […]

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Design in the Digital Environment

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.   Web Development – for most, a confusing task performed only by turbo-nerds and basement-dwellers. However, now, I too must take the sweaty plunge into Web Development, and learn: how to web design. Firstly, my experience prior… I once opened Dreamweaver, and made a little box appear and […]

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