The Puzzle Thief


Imagine, if you will; An infinitely expending world constructed from puzzle pieces. This world contains everything that our very own world does, however, every little thing is segmented off to it’s own piece.

Everything from the smallest Planck measurement, to the largest philosopicial idea, all each held within a single piece. Every idea and thought, every physical and theoretical piece of matter and every ideology and motive.

Now picture this happening, not just for our own universe, but every possible universe.

Every single entity that could EVER exist, infinitely, for every idea.

‘What an amazing place to gather ideas from’ The Thief thought to himself. Ever since he stole that dimensional jumper, 3 worlds ago, he’s been on a roll.

Heist after heist, all going in his favour – not once failing in his mission and being simply untraceable – he had been gathering puzzle pieces. None that any one world would miss, of course. He wasn’t a monster.

Infact, in his own eyes, he saw himself respectable, only taking from those with too much, or those too naive to ever understand the gravity of the objects within their worlds – besides, he was doing it for a good cause.

Far off, the thief was creating a new world. A world where everything would be made how he wanted it. He ‘borrowed’ the beauty from an ugly world, the love from a hateful world, the happiness from a grim world and the glee from a dispondant world.

It would be a utopia. A paradise.

He began placing the pieces of his new world down; swiftly realising that they didn’t quite fit together. Sighing, the thief began snapping the pieces into place



He began to ponder:

“Perhaps I am the one free being in existence and everyone else is just constrained within the confines of their worlds…”






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