D&AD New Blood Awards 2017

(Good hunter, welcome to Yharnam – let the good blood be your guide)

Yes, it’s time for D&AD once again, and this time I’ll be tossing my hat in – using The British Army brief as my vessel.

According to the brief, they require what most military offices in the world require, a recruitment campaign in order to appeal to more potential recruits – regardless of gender, race, religion or creed.

So this should be fun!

The project – in its completed state – will take the form of either a 2 minute video or 8 images in .jpeg format. There may also be 3 additional pieces of A4 prose, describing how the idea may be executed in a different manner – such as the form of a radio advert.

Lastly, this brief is led by its copy, so my writing skills will be tested as much as my design skills.

Immediately, I had a perfect idea – something that everyone, regardless of… any general difference could agree with:


When looking at images of Soldiers – particularly of The British Army…


Regardless of religion…


Regardless of gender…


Regardless of ethnicity…

Junior Soldiers During Phase One Training At The British Army Foundation College

They’re well drilled. They’re impressive. Most importantly, they’re uniform.

They’re uniformed and look impressive, regardless of their regiment/regimental customs. They look smart and professional, simply put.

So how could I use this in my campaign? Well…

‘Everyone loves the uniform’, don’t they?

I am basing my campaign on the slogan ‘Everyone loves the Uniform.’ as its universal nature is as the diverse as the people in the uniform – and I’m a bit of a sucker for good metaphor (or is it an allegory?).

So, here is my first attempt:


Not bad for a first attempt, but I know by now, that I can do better. So, I had another think about the brief and found something that I almost skimmed over the first read:

‘Not all roles are in combat so battle misconceptions’

Other than being a great pun, it’d be in my favour to mention other aspects of The Army, other than Frontline Infantry. Support roles, such as Armourers, Engineers, Chefs, Chaplains, ETC, would all appeal to someone thinking about the army, but being turned off by the risk.

As such, I dove straight back into designing sea, and from it’s murky waves, I plucked an idea – inspired by their current campaign.


So that looks good, but it’s still missing something. After a brief discussion with my peers, we came to the conclusion that it seemed too cluttered, so I tried something more clear and concise.


Which looks good!

Taking this idea and running with it, I created 8 images, all showing different branches of the British Army represented by different people. The most difficult part of this task was finding images for each of the professions – which range from Chaplain, to Chef, to Infantry to Veterinary roles, as well as a handful of others.


However, hindsight is 20/20. After hitting the submit button on this project i came to a stunning, startling and damning realisation, one that the design gods themselves will brand me a heretic for. My Judas-ial crime is as follows:

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 13.06.19






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