VisCom – Digital Design

(The ministry of VisCom, stood like a giant obsidian tower on the horizon…)

In this unit, I shall be looking at visual communication, as well as how to best represent several words from a preselected list.

This will run alongside a pre-existing piece found here

The words I selected for my pieces are: Energy, Isolation, Movement and Contrast. I chose these as I feel that they are all very powerful, but remain vague enough to do a subject around them.

As an additional challenge – I initially attempted to do all of the images in the style off a fictional science fiction world – with basis from various other sci-fi works, as well as historic pieces, however, I eventually decided to break away from my constraints and embrace a wider field of ideas. This was beneficial as it allowed a larger field of creativity.


At first I tried to use this website to represent energy, the result was this, which I felt was a very attractive piece:


However, I personally preferred this site, and the result from it seemed to fit what I view as ‘energy’ :

download (1)

Another ‘Energetic’ image came from a glitch in a map I was building for a Half-Life 2 mod – Garry’s Mod. Generally speaking, the glitch occurs when there is a hole in the map, such as this one –

World Hole map

When in the game, the engine doesn’t understand the void and copes with this/breaks down by showing the last texture or image that was on the players screen. To show this, here I will open the spawn menu, then close it

spawnlist spawnlist2

As you can see, both the images and text stayed behind, but only those within the boundary. This can be used to create an effect similar to long exposure on a camera

So, naturally, I decided to grab a collection of laser rifles and see what images I could produce – this is the result:


beemz2 beemz3 beemz4 beemz5

My First image for the idea of Movement – with a touch of decay -:

Stand Eternal

Which drew inspiration from this.


If we choose

Isolation –



Personally made screenshots from the video game: Space Engineers

Isolation 1

Contrast –

A fan video from the game series: ‘Touhou project’





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