VisCom – Digital Design

(The ministry of VisCom, stood like a giant obsidian tower on the horizon…) In this unit, I shall be looking at visual communication, as well as how to best represent several words from a preselected list. This will run alongside a pre-existing piece found here The words I selected for my pieces are: Energy, Isolation, […]

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Viscom – Contextual

(Just keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’) This is a blog post that will be periodically updated with additional information, as well as any thoughts/examples I may have on Visual Communication (Vis-Com) – This will include dates of editing, as well as references where applicable. As a foreword, many people have drawn similar comparisons to the following, […]

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Viscom – Create Britain

(Cool Britannia, Brittania cools the waves) Create Britain – an initiative created by The Guardian, and terrible attempt at phonetic onomatopoeia – is a project, where in I will have to create a supplement to The Guardian’s newspaper, showing what Britain is the world leader in; this can extend both to the past and potential […]

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